• History of Brentwood

  • The town of Brentwood was founded in 1878 when the San Pablo & Tulare Railroad came through East Contra Costa. Seventy years later it became the first incorporated city in the far east county. The group that spearheaded the effort to incorporate was the Brentwood Improvement Association.

    In October 1947 the Brentwood Improvement Association started a campaign to sign up the necessary number of property owners representing twenty-give percent of the assessed valuation within the proposed boundaries. The se signatures, in the form of a petition, were presented to the County board of supervisors in Martinez. Within two weeks, forty percent of the property owners had signed.*

    Brentwood incorporated on February 19, 1958. Since then, many events helped to shape the city into a thriving community that is experiencing rapid growth, as it continues to hold on to its agricultural heritage. Visitors and residents alike enjoy the harvest season, which includes corn and fresh fruit such as peaches, apricots, plums, pluots, and cherries. Graced by breathtaking views of Mt. Diablo, Brentwood is home to over 47,000 residents who enjoy the city's parks, recreation centers, and local establishments.

    *Source: Leighton, Kathy. Footprints in the Sand. Michigan: Sheridan Books, Inc. 2001.

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