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    About Us

    Shannon Wight Design is a multifaceted creative haven where the art of design and photography converge. With an innate passion for harmonizing spaces and capturing life's most cherished moments, Shannon Wight brings a unique blend of expertise to her eponymous venture. As a landscape design visionary, she transforms outdoor realms into captivating havens that mirror the essence of her clients. Within interiors, her discerning eye for detail and aesthetics breathes life into spaces, creating captivating narratives that reflect personal stories. And through the lens of her camera, Shannon captures the soul of her subjects, freezing in time the fleeting emotions and connections that define us. Shannon Wight Design is where innovation, imagination, and artistry intertwine, crafting bespoke landscapes, interiors, and portraits that resonate with authenticity and timeless beauty.


    Front yard landscape design
    Backyard fire pit area with built in benches
    hand drawn designs
    3D designs
    Living Room design with custom faux fireplace
    Bedroom design